The garment factory in Chernihiv was founded in 1920 on the base of the co-operative craft society “Promholka” that was manufacturing customized shoes and clothes. In 1929 the society got split and a new enterprise “Indposhyv” appeared that not only fulfilled individual orders but also manufactured clothes for the general market. During the Great Patriotic War the enterprise did not work but after the city was liberated, the factory resumed its operation. With the development of consumer goods industry the production facilities at the Chernihiv factory were renewed and the assortment of products was constantly changing. In December 1968 a new factory building was constructed, and production workshops, auxiliary services and administration were situated there under one roof. Nowadays the enterprise works in one 8-hour shift. The number of people working at the factory is 510, most of them being women — 93%. Today the factory is a high-efficiency garment manufacture with modern technologies, equipment and a wide range of products (jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts, short coats for women, coats for men and women). The enterprise in involved in constant cooperation with their partners from Poland, France, Sweden and Germany.